It is just the beginning of a wonderful story..  

Olivier Auroy, LANDORS, Dubai


Fabulous, impressed so much, serene, tasteful, artistic, creative, no more words to describe - George Kunihiro, Architect, Tokyo

Wonderful shop.. my favourite in Karachi… The showroom as well as all the contents are wonderful - Carrim & Veena Currimjee, Mauritius

A delight to visit such a beautiful shop! - Milly Stoney & Nicky Marlett, UK

Inspiring collection of local tradition with global background - Philipp Meuse, Berlin

Serenity, Peace, Tranquility. I describe this place - Ambreen Khalid, Karachi

Beautiful and extraordinary fabrics, incredible building, very helpful staff. A unique experience, Thank you! - Lydden Polley, Canada

Stunning – more like an art gallery than a boutique. High aesthetics and great style - Shobha De (Author), Mumbai

A very Feng-Shui and traditional mixture which compliments each other -
Nigar Jaffri, Karachi

Wow, I didn’t know a place like this existed in the maddening Khi. Bravo! -
Tahir Awan, Karachi

Simply outstanding. A pleasure to visit. Keep up the quality of product and service - Jawaid Zuberi, Toronto

Piece of Art! - Mrs. Mansoor Usman, Karachi

Koel- an oasis of serenity, a cool green waterfall. Thank you for the experience. Love the no shoes rule! - Fauzieh Reza, Canada

A total joy in every respect, I shall take back such wonderful memories of you all. Thank you for everything - Lilani de Silva, Colombo

Pleasure to spend money in such a lovely environment! - Zavera Lotia, Karachi

A well displayed shop…. The only shop that my husband would love to visit again! - Razia Chiba, New Zealand

Spa Noorjehan fabulous! - Ayesha Tammy Haq, Karachi

Lovely serene store… Your stuff is unbelievable. Kudos, cheers & best wishes. Could spend my life in your store - Vidya Balan, Mumbai

An absolutely stunning collection in an absolutely stunning environment…Thanks and all good wishes - Ashoke Chatterjee, Ahmedabad

Koel thy name is beauty! - Faisal Zaman, Houston

Fabulous! Zen meets Vedante- a temple of meditative beauty. In its own right your shop is a destination worth visiting. - Muna Bilgrami, Karachi

A treat to visit on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Calm and serene - Nafisa Athar, Islamabad

Awesome, mind blowing stuff. I’m in love with the shop and the accessories – Brilliant! - Sana Maqbool Elahi, Karachi

Absolutely amazing …Thrilled to bits with all your colour scheme and choice of fabrics …Mashallah!! - Samina J. Hussain, Ohio

A delightful experience of exquisite designs & colour combinations – Fizza Anvarali, Karachi

Amazing transformation practical layout. Very nice feel to the space. Serene. I would call it the KOEL EXPERIENCE - Akbar & Naila Hafeez, Karachi

A lovely aesthetic experience - Geetha Rao, Banglore

Beautifully conceived, Immaculately executed - Sana A. Malik, Karachi

Beautiful & welcoming atmosphere. Once you come in you don’t want to leave - Mizzy Warind, England

Sublime – could sit here and meditate for hours ! Perveen Malik, Karachi

What a pleasure to see the new look. One of the BEST in the WORLD - Ommi Chinoy, Karachi

Yr place has a REAL soul and that’s what makes it so stunning to me! - Amber Sami, Lahore

Koel makes me proud to be a Pakistani - Rubain Ali Amir, Karachi

Its becoming a household name. Sophisticated! Saba & Aysha Gailani, Karachi

Thanks for showing us beautiful things.” Clay West, Philippines

An architectural dream and exquisite interior. The quality of display matches the architectural concept! Faridon Setna, Karachi

A charming store, lovely fabrics - Moonira, Burma

What can I say? I am in a trance… Excellent! Rizwana Khandwalla, Karachi

Great Stuff! R. Haeri, South Africa

When I think of things I’m proud of in Karachi, I think of KOEL immediately. It is an amazing balance between the traditional and the modern. fantastic, magical.! - Ali Asad Lotia, Michigan

Wonderful Store! Loved the minimal, zen design and lovely products! - Sheena Parekh, Mumbai

Wonderful therapeutic visit! - Ayesha & Ahsan Jamil, Karachi

Very good service. The staff is very helpful and respectful. Have been coming here for the last 25 years so that proves it - Mrs. Naseem Mahboob, Spain

A very lovely shop Amazing for Karachi and yet it captures the Soul of Pakistan -Mariya Sultan, London

An enlightening experience!! - Ambreen Irfan Naqi, Karachi

A wonderful Aladdin’s cave of a shop - Peter Rooke, Berlin

Peaceful! It is wonderful to see Koel grow to be an institution - Mehnaz Aziz, Islamabad

We are really happy to be here! - Gonu & Chengiz Bektas, Istanbul

Karachi’s beautiful oasis - P. Taylor, Karachi

Wonderful modern interpretation of traditional local things! - Zayn Khan,
Kuala Lumpur

A beautiful shopping experience- thank you - Tarifa Barma – HongKong

Aesthetics now has a name “KOEL” - Malahat & Sharif Awan

Absolutely breathtaking - Bina Muneer, Karachi

V. calm serene and soothing env, a different world altogether, strongly rooted to our origins and very polite and cordial service. All products are exquisite. It was an exquisite experience! Mrs. Ayesha Khawaja, Karachi

Excellent! Beautiful shop...Lovely clothes… had a good time - Shehnaz and Chamila Vayani – Mombassa

Inspite of being a regular visitor to the shop – Im struck anew by the calm, cool zen-like atmosphere that has been created here - Yasmin Farooqui, Karachi

The elegance of the clothes found here is unmatched anywhere. Beautifully set up! - Ruhaina Raza, Texas

The beauty lies in its simplicity - Faiza, Karachi

A balm for sore eyes - Saad Rahman, Lahore

Absolutely gorgeous! What makes everything wonderful is the fact that you guys stick to the classics, revel in tradition and stay true to our culture - Talat Rizvi, Karachi

Very impressive, displays are very good. Proud to know all this is happening in Pakistan - Azra Maqbool, London

The designer shows genius in fusing the product and atmosphere, making it a truly magical experience - Omar

A most amazing store where everything is elegant and beautiful. A pleasure to visit! - Dr. Philippe Frossard, Karachi

Exquisite silks, cottons and blockprints… will return - Pakiza Shah, America

Very soothing and peaceful. Love the feel of the fabric – colours are subtle and soft - Mrs. Jamil Bugti, Karachi

Very ethnic and lovely environment - Muraveed Masud, England

Love coming to this shop, its beautiful-and love the cloth - Zehra Bilgrami Rizvi, Karachi

Stunning shop. I loved it! - Sunaina, Karachi

A slice of heaven - so peaceful – love it - Seema Ali, Karachi

A therapeutically peaceful environment - Kehkashan, Karachi

I am really impressed by the fact that we have people who are still supporting this unique handwoven stuff - S. Haider, Karachi

Fantastic clothes, material and ambience---- which Koel has maintained consistently for over a decade. Congratulations! - Rashida Dohad

Impressive. Hope to visit more often - Admiral Shahid Karimullah- Chief of Naval Staff, Islamabad

It’s a treat to visit the store. I love the fabrics and gorgeous furniture. Very unique - Faeza Ghain, Seattle

Unique and original. Very well conceived and implemented - Farida, Karachi

Very Nice! An oasis in the middle of chaotic Karachi - Syed Ali Nasir, Karachi

Elegant, Awesome, The ‘Louie Vitton’ of Pakistan - Zainab Motiwalla, Karachi

I am so proud of the fact that KOEL is a part of Karachi Amazing! - Samya Arif, Karachi

Dream which is not meant for everybody - Batool Valika, Lahore


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